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Update 2023 - at the moment I am not doing anything musical (actually not since 2015 due to health problems and work commitments), but I may do so in the future once I vacuum up the thick layer of dust in my studio.

On Music
On Music

Read about my views on writing and recording songs, and how I've set my studio up.

Releases Wrong End Of The Dial


Check out my videos:

Wrong End of the Dial

I Hate The Banks.

Those Who Make The Rules.


Same Old Same Old

Little White Lie.

It’s a Weird Universe

The Life and Times of the World’s Dumbest Genius

My Songs

I’ve written lyrics from since I was fifteen and songs a few years later, after I began playing guitar. I taught myself to play at first — and here’s a tip, girls and boys: don’t try this (at home or anywhere else!) It took years to break some bad habits and I’m still not completely free.

Now you’d think, after a few years, that I’d become quite proficient at knocking up a decent tune. Well you couldn’t be more wrong. When I first started, I churned out so many verses and choruses for a song, I made the almighty Dylan (Bob, not Thomas) look like he was an itinerant peddler of cheap haiku. American Pie had nothing on my epics.

But finally, after years of therapy, my then guitar teacher - and later, song writing mentor - deemed my old stuff not worthy of the faded paper it was scrawled on and commanded me to write new tunes. Uplifting songs. Happy songs. And above all, short songs, two to three minutes at the most. Four if I wanted o be really cruel.

And so I did, in my own twisted way.

Uplifting songs like I Hate the Banks and happy songs like New Medication. Even a teenage anthem, I Don’t Care (even though I can’t remember back that far). And of course there are the poignant love songs like We Never Touch (not on the album) and the raunchy Unexpected. That's one for all those fans of Fifty Shades of Gray - not that I've read it, but I've been told...

Hell, I even have a four-minute techno dance song that I don't want to talk about. I just want to say it's not my fault I have two left feet.


I have a host of songs in varying styles, but mostly in the pop/rock vein. Currently my albums, EPs and singles are released through Ditto Music. Click on the links or images for more details.

At the end of 2012, I released the album, Wrong End Of The Dial.

At the end of 2015, I released the EP, Same Old Same Old.