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Update 2023 - at the moment I am not doing anything musical (actually not since 2015 due to health problems and work commitments), but I may do so in the future once I vacuum up the thick layer of dust in my studio.

On Music
On Music

Read about my viewss on writing and recording songs, and how I've set my studio up.

My Songs
My Songs

Some background on my songs.

Releases Wrong End Of The Dial


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Wrong End of the Dial

I Hate The Banks.

Those Who Make The Rules.


Same Old Same Old

Little White Lie.

It’s a Weird Universe

The Life and Times of the World’s Dumbest Genius

Wrong End Of The Dial

Released through Ditto Music on 3rd December, 2012, Wrong End Of The Dial is both available for download as a complete album or as individual songs from Apple Music and Amazon (mp3s), as well as a host of other sites. You can also stream it from a number of sites, including Spotify.

The album and the individual songs are available for download/streaming at the following locations:

In the table below, the song titles are links to the lyrics plus some extra description. In the Play column, the icons play samples of the song. plays around 45 seconds of the actual song in high quality, while plays the whole song at a reduced quality.

So have a listen and see if you like them. You can leave comments on my blog. If you have a specific query you can email me from the link on my home page, but don’t worry if I take a while getting back to you, I'm not getting any younger.

If the song has a video, click on the video icon to watch it. The songs and video will play in Yahoo's new web player.

Title Play Style Length min:secs Video
I Don’t Care Teenage Anthem 80s/90s feel with a touch of punk. 2:46
Time A Techno mix of styles from Fatboy Slim's Praise You and Moby's Porcelain and warped. 3:27
Drowning Alternative Rock 3:25
Those Who Make The Rules Alternative Rock 3:03 Youtube
I Hate The Banks Rockabilly with a slight jazz intrusion. 2:51 Youtube
Top Secret Files Habanera (Cuban) style with a latin swing feel. 3:00
New Medication Rock with folk feel 2:29
Unexpected Pop 2:40 Youtube
Rising Stars Pop/Rock 2:28
Lost In The Moment Country Rock Ballad 2:48
A Good Friend Ballad 2:14
What We Sow Pop ballad 2:51